Blakes 7 Season Two - Voice From The Past
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Blake Gareth Thomas  
Jenna Sally Knyvette  
Vila Michael Keating  
Avon Paul Darrow  
Cally Jan Chappell  
Zen Peter Tuddenham  
Orac Peter Tuddenham  
Servalan Jacqueline Pearce  
Travis Brian Croucher  
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The Liberator heads for Del 10 to take time out during their search for Star One. Blake receives a telepathic signal and turns the ship around, heading for a lone asteroid. The crew are unable to release Blake from this mind control and he teleports to the asteroid where he meets guerrilla leader Shivan and Governor Le Grand. They plan to hold a Summit to denounce the Federation and use the Liberator to travel to Atlay. Blake, Jenna and Vila teleport down to the Summit with Le Grand. Back on board the Liberator, Shivan reveals himself as Travis in disguise ... - The UK's Biggest Video StoreYou can find this here.

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