21st - 23rd February 2003- Ashford, Kent.
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Tanith Lee - Blakes 7 writer (Sarcophagus, Sand)
Chris Boucher - Blakes 7 writer
Damian London - Babylon 5 (The Regent)

Thanks to Malcolm Mladenovic for allowing us to use some of his pictures.

If anyone spots themselves and find that we've spelt their name wrong or we haven't mentioned them, please let us know.

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Friday 21st February 2003  
Steve Rogerson

Tanith Lee - trying to reach the microphone!

Tanith Lee again - microphone no problem now!
Mr Rogerson making a few announcements (very official person!)
The Leaders of the Drazi teams are announced

Candidate for Ruler of the Universe - Dr Daniel from Stargate

Candidate - Londo

Another Candidate Baal - check out his gold hand!

Candidate - The Sixth Doctor
Candidate - The Mysterious Dread Pirate Roberts!

Half of our Quiz team + Bagpuss (left-right = man with beard, Martin, Simon

The other half of our quiz team (L-R = Richard, Malcolm, Guy)
Bagpuss on the pull!
Kayta at Disco
Nicky and Phil on the dancefloor
Who is man with beard? It's Richard P!
Ruth and Richard
Steve's OG Tshirt
Saturday 22nd February 2003
A decorated door for the competition

Ruth and Marian - T-Shirt Making Competition

B5 v B7 Cricket Game (1st Innings!)
L'sa Klingon Warrior
The 6th Doctor(Green Drazi Leader)
Tanith Lee interviewed on stage
More Tanith Lee being interviewed
Jem as Travis

Lou meets Fluff (and Jane!)

Guy gets attacked by a cuddly batl'th

Guy tries to fight back
The dealers room with cuddly batl'ths!
Chris Boucher is interviewed Ika and Neil at Iain's Performing Blakes 7 panel Iain explains Neil's task Iain tries to distract Neil as he reads his lines Neil desperately tries to read his lines whilst balancing Iain's shoe boxes! Ika is amused at poor Neil's balancing act!
Una performs her piece whilst stacking Blakes 7 videos! (there is a valid reason for all this!) Chris Boucher's Writing for TV workshop Is it a Mutiod? No - it's Steve in a silly hat! Steve again! Steve and Nickey prepare for their panel Steve and Nickey's Blake panel
The panel contemplate Bagpuss' question Oh no! The Mutoid is out of blood serum (Beer!) Fancy Dress parade Green Star Trek monster, Dr Who and Wonder Woman! Fancy Dress or Cabaret?! Dr Who with some new companions!
More Fancy Dress contestants Audience members in Fancy Dress Cabaret Dancing More Cabaret Steve K accompanies singer ... and again
Steve and Fifitrix sing amusing songs! Stick Dancing More and again! Babylon 5 costume It's Avon!
These boots were made for Dormouse! Steve and Jane Paula and Steve (down the pub - surprisingly!) Ruth in Fancy Dress Ceremony Fancy Dress Winner of Fancy Dress
Ruth in Fancy Dress More Fancy Dress Fancy Dress Xena Warrior Princess    

Sunday 23rd February 2003

Tanith Lee at closing ceremony Mike Collins says bye Mike again Damian London's first visit to the UK Damian again Chris Boucher at Closing Ceremony
All Guests
Guests at Closing Ceremony
The Committee
The 6th Doctor is Ruler of the Universe!
Steve reveals the Doctor's unique cheating technique
Martin, Kayta, Flip, Louise and Simon at Closing Ceremony
Sunday Evening Script Reading Session
Martin is caught reading a dodgy zine! Malcolm and Simon wait until Martin has finished reading! Kayta prepares for her role as Avon. The gang decide which episode to read. We choose one of Malcolm's transcripts "Powerplay" Martin as Vila desperately tries to contact Zen as he's in "Grave Peril"
Mall gives Vila a cherry bakewell as he's very hungry! Tarrant shoots one of Klegg's men! Zee and Barr (obviously!)      




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