In June, the site contest was to write some

Blakes 7 poetry. Here are the entries.



Infatuation by Travis-Tina

In marbled halls,
Silently the woman walks
Seduction oozing from every pore
She is going to her lover.

Opening the Mahogany door into his chamber,
She surveys his semi naked,
Perfect torso. Nearly faints at it's perfection.
She shoots death curse looks at her rivals,
Willing their annihilation.
As his eyes look into hers she is drawn, magnetically towards him.
She trembles in ecstatic pain.
Smile warmly, lowers eyes and abases herself
"Not tonight Servalan, I've got a headache" Said Vila.



One Day On GP by Travis-Tina

The snow,
it lay in random patches.
Steel grey sky,
reflecting depression
A man stands
Alone and unregarded.
Searching the leaf littered ground
A concrete slab, moss encrusted
The only mark of where another fell.

The man, finds his treasure
A smile creeps across his features.
It has taken years for him to return here.
He has faced a dozen demons not all self inflicted,
Alone victorious he returns in remembrance
And dances joyously upon the grave of Kerr Avon
Singing beautifully.
I Vila Restal have survived.



Naomi by Kerry Avon

Late in the night when the moon is so full
I hear you call from your ship in the sky.
But you have your Anna and I have my pride, I won't come back to you begging for more.
More of those nights under cool perfumed sheets, more of those whispers you dare not
I hope she makes you happy like I did before, winter befell our Autumn idyll