Finger Licking Good

I hate to be the one to break this to all you loyal fans, but Roj Blake, the greatest rebel leader known, has an eating problem. Don't believe me? Just look here - I have proof.

Jenna and Vila were the first to notice it on board the London. It was the fact that Roj was always wiping his mouth. And that his belt no longer held his vest closed.

On his first day aboard the Liberator, while Jenna was studying the flight controls and Avon was trying to work out the teleport, Roj found his way to the food stores.

Even coming on board the ship to find a dead man in the teleport didn't stop him from sitting down for a light snack. .

The realization that Cally was dead on Centero was upsetting enough for Roj to seek comfort foods. It is the first time Avon sees Roj's secret obsession. He is not pleased.

Here, Roj has just finished his comfort food when it is discovered that Cally might have survived the explosion on Centero after all. He calls for a celebratory feast.

No one else joins him.

No longer hiding his habit, Roj takes to eating openly on the flight deck. Here he eyes the Ortega in flight. He's thinking of bargaining with Dr. Kendall: snack food in exchange for transporting the neutrotope.

While Avon, Vila, Gan and Jenna are on Cephlon, and Cally is dutifully standing by at the teleport, Roj is engaged in another solitary meal on the flight deck. It has become his favorite eating place.

Used to Roj's constant snacking, Jenna ignores him as he indulges. Avon, however, is still trying to get him to seek professional help.

A surprise meeting with the builders of the Liberator sets Roj's mind in motion. Perhaps they can replenish the food stores before escaping.

Everyone appreciated the irony that the Terra Nostra and the Federation were one and the same.

Everyone except Roj. He had been secretly buying snacks from the Terra Nostra every chance he got.

Contemplating an all out attack against Central Control on Earth pushed Roj's habit to the limit.

Ignoring Avon's disapproval, Roj continued to eat as he planned the attack.

Roj worried that the attack on Earth may leave him away from his food to long. He decides to bring a secret stash of snacks with him.

Once on Earth, Roj snuck away and broke into the stash he brought.

Unfortunately, Gan caught him.

No longer having to hide his stash from Gan, Roj takes to eating openly. Gan stands in disapproval, and warns Roj that he's going to tell Avon when he gets here.

In a rare rational moment, Roj realizes that it might have been wise to heed Avon's warnings. He is uncertain about his ability to sprint across the forbidden zone after having eaten so much.

Behind him, Vila makes a bet with Gan about Roj's chances.

Surviving the forbidden zone did not teach Roj his lesson.

While comfortable enough on the Liberator to snack openly, he is wary to let Dr. Bellfriar see his habit, lest the good doctor try to interfere.

An unexpected return of Roj's old girlfriend, Inga, gave the crew hope that he might break his eating habit for true love.

However, Jenna knows nothing can come between Roj and his snacks.

Lord knows, she's tried!

Not even a mind altering device could separate Roj from his treats. Travis, in the disguise of Shivan, is horrified.

A poignant moment between Roj and Avon. Roj confessess to Avon that he has always trusted him. But after Star One, Roj never returns to the Liberator, leaving Avon to wonder if Roj spoke the truth.

But Roj didn't return because of a lack of trust.

He simply had eaten all the food.