When we first see the teleport in Cygnus Alpha, it's an amazingly advanced device that can transport living beings from one place to another. The secret of this is an alloy called Aquitar. Avon and Blake discover a rack of 28 bracelets, designed to be worn, which are the key.

Precious items. An advantage over the Federation that keeps our heroes one step ahead of their enemies.

You think they would have taken better care of them.

Near as I can make out, Blake takes 12 bracelets down with him to Cygnus Alpha.

He only comes back with three.

28 - 9 = 19

Cally, the newcomer, loses one in Seek-Locate-Destroy.

19 - 1 = 18

In Mission to Destiny, Sara tosses hers aside at the last moment. It is destroyed with the Ortega.

18 - 1 = 17

In Breakdown, Drs. Kayn and Renor teleport back to XK-72, which is subsequently blown up.

17 - 2 = 15

In Bounty, Sarkoff and Tyce teleport back to Lindor, taking their bracelets as souvenirs, perhaps. Sarkoff does like to collect things.

15 - 2 = 13

Jenna manages to lose hers when attacked by some hairy half naked men in Deliverance.

13 - 1 = 12

Now, oddly enough, at the beginning of Redemption, we see that the rack is full again! Assuming there were replacements on board, we start series two with another set of 28.

In Hostage, Jenna and Cally blow one to bits, along with the guy wearing it.

28 - 1 = 27

Grant gets to keep his in Countdown.

27 - 1 = 26

Three are lost in Voice From The Past to Ven Glynd, Governor La Grand and Travis.

26 - 3 = 23

Two more teleport off when the guards take Cally from the ship in Volcano.

23 - 2 = 21

Servalan and her three henchmen each get a bracelet as a consolation prize in The Harvest of Kairos.

21 - 4 = 17

One blows up with the box in City at the Edge of the World.

17 - 1 = 16

Zelda throws hers aside to be destroyed, one goes with Deral, and Franton and Patar each take one away in Children of Auron.

16 - 4= 12

Everyone who goes aboard Ultraworld loses one.

12 - 4 = 8

Of course, Servalan escapes her death at the end of Terminal, taking one more with her as she goes. Not that it's going to do her much good with the ship in a billion pieces.

8 - 1 = 7

So, in all three series the crew manages to lose 37 total.